Yes, I have a sugar daddy! Thoughts from The Single Siren

Boy will quarantine have you thinking the dumbest $hit!

SD on Google
My first thought: So… I’m NOT the only person that is looking for a gift for a sugar daddy…AND I’m not the only girl or boy in the world with a Sugar Daddy. Apparently, this has been googled 418,000,000 (four hundred eighteen million) times, as of today.

However, June 21, 2020, is Father’s Day! I am not quite sure what all that entails because I have never celebrated one–let the record show: I have daddy issues. But this year, I wanted to celebrate him and all that he has done for me.

No, not my daddy, MY ZADDY… ALL CAPS is necessary.

Allow me to introduce myself. Rewind my life history for a brief bit. History that is, on my background with Sugar Daddy experiences (here on out, will be known as: SD) As early as sixteen, I snuck out to a party and met the sexiest street pharmacist that I have ever seen. He sponsored everything a teen girl could dream of: rides to school, clothes, shoes, gifts, money, you name it.

Don’t judge me.


He went to jail during my senior year of high school for other reasons, than dating me. Quickly I moved on and in with an even older man, who took good care of me until he to, went to jail.

Hey, what can I say? I love dudes in orange and pinstripes.

You ain’t heard: orange was the new black back then and now.

However, those sugar rushes were extremely addicting. I was now twenty-one and adult bills started to roll in. I wanted and needed the extra support. I had a sweet tooth habit that needed to be fulfilled.

Therefore, I started working full time at a trashy strip club–as a bartender. I found that it would be my new playground (or a cesspool in some cases), since my two main supporters were both in jail. I preyed upon guys that were older and wanted to spend money. Some of my new SD’s had wives; believe it or not, some wives wanted to play “candyland” but hesitated. While others joined us during our encounters. I guess I am just lovable or my personality shines bright–you be the judge. O wait, you’ve already judged me.  So yes, threesomes had been checked off my bucket list and being a “unicorn” had been added to my list of never have I ever… *Takes a shot*

Still feeling abandoned and out of sugar, I picked up the phone and called a chatline for entertainment. To my surprise, this phone chat netted me my current SD. Henceforth, let’s call him: Chatline Bae.


I called 1- 877 – blah – blah – blah, I left a sexy intro message and he replied back, with an in-depth vulgar response. It sounded like money to me.  Back then, guys were charged to continue chatting, so we immediately exchanged numbers and “hooked up” that night. He is still sponsoring me and my habits. My, how times have changed. Now, there are multiple free apps for meeting potential f#%ks.

Fast forward button | Free Silhouette Vector | silhouetteACFourteen years down the line, Chatline Bae and I are still on a sugar high. We are indeed in love, friends forever, and seemingly grown-ups about the SD situationship. Sadly/gladly/regrettably, he is married with children but, I don’t have to do much to get his attention. 

Chatline Bae and I have a great relationship. He is literally my best friend and I am forever indebted to him. He is the sexiest old man I have ever laid eyes on–grays and all. He’s a good lover. He is such a gentleman and he makes me feel like a QUEEN. Through our relationship, I have never had to slip into a fancy dress to go grab a bite to eat or even have to anticipate getting banged later for x amount of dollars to thank him for anything. He rather see me in boy shorts, initiating naughty role-play (nurse’s uniform is his fave), or lingerie on a beach. I enjoy having sex with my SD– because it’s on my own terms.  

Yes, let me repeat: I have deep daddy issues.

But, in the course of all of this, what’s even better? I have a life long companion. Regardless, if I stay single forever, I am OK with that…I think.

Maybe I’m just suffering from Basic Bitch Syndrome.

In my opinion, the lifestyle of having a sugar situationship is not always what it is cracked up to be. Sugar situationships can be a great long-lasting companionship if you do it the right way. It is either super sweet and lucrative or could be the worst type of diabetic, creepy nightmare. We sugar babies deal with several issues, including little to non-payment (at times the economy effects us too), unattractiveness to SD, weird kinks, and the list goes on. You have to be tough; sometimes just play stupid, have a goal in mind, or just find the right SD.

With that all said, the question still stands:

What shall I get my SD for Zaddy’s Day?

I would love to hear your ideas and even what you gifted your SD since it has been googled 418,000,000 times! Do you think that “pink tacos” are enough to gift for Zaddy’s Day or should I actually hand over a Zaddy’s Day gift?

Oh, the joys of being loved… or compensated in more ways than one.



Don’t wreck your “SHIP”,


The Single Siren

The Single Siren is an intro/extrovert and LOVES SEX, MEN, AND MONEY. She also believes in good energy and GIRL POWER. She is very open about her life and her sexual escapades.

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