Is OnlyFans the new Netflix?

One of my dudes: You need to make a fans’ only page.

My thoughts: You damn right, I should!

I responded: LOL, you paying??

A little background about me: I have been in the hospitality industry since the beginning of time. It’s in my blood. Hospitality, for those of you who don’t know, is defined as taking care of your guests and anticipating their needs.

This includes service at hotels, restaurants, salons, strip clubs, travel industry, and just about anything that was closed during the pandemic.

The hospitality industry alone has hit an all-time low during these unprecedented times.

Over 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment. But, Americans still have bills to pay. Between the $1200 stimulus check – offered to some – and the $600 weekly benefit (minus tax) combined with the maybe $300 (minus tax) weekly unemployment payment – this was a slap in the face to many.

No wonder why OnlyFans has over 24 million users and over 500,000 content creators, according to LinkedIn.

With all of that said – I support OnlyFans! (OF, for short)

I can’t count how many times I contemplated creating an OF account (twice and deleted) during quarantine…BUT, I was a scared little BISH!

Honestly though, I was curious to see what the hype was all about and how I could make a fortune sitting on my ass all day.

Ironically, I’m not up against anyone but myself. There is no fighting over customers, no competing, and certainly not waiting on the pandemic to end. You control how YOU make your money. Heavy marketing on Instagram (most OF accounts offer a free teaser here) in conjunction with your paid OF account, contributes to how much money you could generate.

OF pages are strictly PAY PER VIEW… Totally subscription-based, which seemed pretty genius – if you ask me. I found a few freebies-although they’re for a limited time only.

Founded in 2016 – this reasonably new platform has skyrocketed since the pandemic. Maybe even more since Queen Bey blasted it on Megan the Stallion’s “Savage” Remix.

Moreover, the adult entertainment industry is not the only industry that is getting in on the action. I also found musicians, trainers, chefs, podcasters, and makeup artists welcoming their fans.

OnlyFans & chill, please!

Which is why it surprises me that while so many are unemployed, OF is viewed through such a negative lens. Is it because the sexual OF accounts are salacious and have garnered the most press? Or are people still passing judgment against those that are simply trying to feed their families with this newly invented side (AND SAFE) hustle?

Don’t be a hypocrite…please!

Furthermore, don’t say “go to school and get a career” because many did do just that! But have been furloughed or laid off during COVID unless they were an “essential” worker.

I applaud the go-getters out there, not letting one monkey stop NO show. This current show we’re all watching, aka: The ‘Rona!

I’ll answer my own question and feel free to comment – OnlyFans is the new Netflix, considering these crazy times we are in.

We’re ALL in the house, either by ourselves or wishing we were; and we’ve watched just about everything on Netflix, and need new visual stimuli.

Thus, let these beautiful, hustle-minded, creative, and confident individuals have a “safe strip” or offer you their professional advice and knowledge.

Feel free to tip your hospitality workers with your taxed $600 weekly pandemic payment.

Hopefully, Uncle Sam will continue to “tip” those unemployed after July 31st; or I’m betting there will be a new crop of OnlyFans accounts.

Are you thinking about starting a page?… because I am – share below.

Technically, nobody has to know.

Check me out in the August issue of Ms. Heel Magazine

Sincerely masked up,

The Single Siren


  1. Starting a page sounds like an excellent idea for anyone. Quality content delivered with quality personality will sell.
    Judgers are going to judge. It’s like the Library Science major who pursues his PHD so he can be called “Dr.”, looking down his nose at the lowly excavator with a BS in construction management, but builds himself into a millionaire before his 35th birthday.
    Judgers are nobody.
    Poem on page 25 of August issue is excellent.
    Thank you for your hard work, you are appreciated.


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