Mistaken Identity – Confession by Anonymous

I had just transferred to a school in New Orleans.

I was hosting a friend and his girlfriend for a weekend.

We were at a balcony restaurant overlooking Bourbon Street.

It was lunch, so no large crowds.

As we were talking, my friend’s girlfriend points to someone on the street below.

A lady was walking away from us with a little dog.

She had on one of those form fitting spandex style dresses, high heels, petite with very shapely legs, and smokin’ hot.

I exclaimed “DAaammnn!” tongue lolling out.

It was then that she turned, picked up her dog, and it was discovered she was a HE.

Good thing I wasn’t yet drunk, or I would really have embarrassed myself.

I came from the Midwest, and had never seen anyone like that before, and didn’t believe half what I had been told about such things.

I do have a new appreciation for how some men could be tricked into certain “situations,” especially after a little drink.


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